Food And Me

Food and me is a Portal which helps you understand the difference between your food and food, Food and me expose the vital nutrients which are essential for health system, response to the health concerns in its case study by mean of diet. Always focus to simplify the complexity of the jumble health issue by intake diet.


You should know that food is the basic necessity of the life and it gives us nutrition and energy which is very necessary for our body to live. All of us enjoy our food but how many people know about there diet or food properly. Most people eat their food for there taste and satiety. But how many of us eat for proper nutrition and health. People don't know this dark reality what they eat is increasing there body fat as well as health problems. and they are using their food without knowing there affect our side effect on their body function so they getting sick and suffering from malnutrition. The portal Food and me is showing exactly what is the best, the relation between my food and me. First of all, l we have to know that our body needs a variety of nutrients such as Fat, protein, Carbohydrates, Minerals and many more, which we occure from our food that we eat daily.

As its mentioned above about different type of nutrients that are playing a vital role in body functioning and these are:


26th Aug 2018 Carbohydrates are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. they are hydrates of carbon so they c ...

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26th Aug 2018 In 1938 a Dutch chemist Mulder Gerald suggest ed the word proteos, that's a Greek word and it me ...

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26th Aug 2018 Fat is also an important component like protein and carbohydrate and made of carbon, oxygen, and hyd ...

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5th Sep 2018 Vitamins are present in a small amount in daily meals and are a vital component of our diet. Vitamin ...

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29th Aug 2018 Minerals are vital inorganic substances which are very necessary for the body and used in a very lit ...

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26th Aug 2018 Many years ago people thought that fibers are not usable in diet, so they called them "crude fi ...

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