Our body is made of organs, organs are made of tissues and tissues are made of cells, so we can say that cells are basic units of the body. Our body is made more than 30 trillions of cells so, it is very necessary to be fine or healthy our cells so that they can absorb the essential nutrients from food which are very vital for the growth and development of the body. Cell nutrition guides us to prevent cure our cells of the toxins so that get active and do their functions properly. Ageing or eat rough or unhealthy foods which is not good for health can act like a toxin for our cells and make them unhealthy and inactive, to get them active we need a perfect blend of a balanced diet which contains essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals. This makes our cells activate and helps to detoxify them to work properly.


Environmental effects such as air pollution and other dust particles which we inhale or breath also make our cells sick or toxic.

Food items that we eat or buy from the market are made of artificial colours and adding preservatives are harmful to cells, poor quality of food and fertilizers which are taken for crops to make them healthy actually are very harmful to cells.

These all factors are made a toxic effect for our cells and make them to unable to absorb sufficient amount of essential nutrients that affect our cells as long as body functions.

A perfectly balanced diet is a cellular healing diet. This diet helps to reduce cellular inflammation. An imbalanced diet creates toxins and this made inflamed our cells. Toxic agents make us sick at the cellular level and they affect our cell membrane permeability, so nutrients can't go in due to their inflammation. This diet helps to decrease inflammation and keeps cell healing. Cellular healing diet is full of good fat. This diet contains such foods which support the natural detox system. It regulates hormones so it supports to regenerate inflamed or toxic cell membrane by naturally balanced hormones.