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26th Aug 2018 Carbohydrates are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. they are hydrates of carbon so they c ...

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26th Aug 2018 In 1938 a Dutch chemist Mulder Gerald suggest ed the word proteos, that's a Greek word and it me ...

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26th Aug 2018 Fat is also an important component like protein and carbohydrate and made of carbon, oxygen, and hyd ...

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5th Sep 2018 Vitamins are present in a small amount in daily meals and are a vital component of our diet. Vitamin ...

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29th Aug 2018 Minerals are vital inorganic substances which are very necessary for the body and used in a very lit ...

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26th Aug 2018 Many years ago people thought that fibers are not usable in diet, so they called them "crude fi ...

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