Many years ago people thought that fibers are not usable in diet, so they called them "crude fiber" and include only cellulose and ligline in it. But nowadays we know that they are not only crude fiber but useful in the diet also. So they are called dietary fibers.


They are found widely in a plant source. Fiber or dietary fiber can't be digested by enzymes so they get excrete by bowl or stool. Because of this quality, they help to prevent constipation. fiber or dietary fibers such as pectine, cellulose, mucilage, hemicellulose are very useful for us.

Cellulose is the most important kind of fiber and made of more than 3,000 units of glucose. Agar-agar kind of hemicellulose is used as a thickening agent in food there are some artificial fibers such as methylcellulose are used as a laxative or low-calorie diet:


They are classified basically into two types ;

1)Water-soluble  fiber
Pactein, Gum, Mucilage

2)Water-insoluble fiber
Cellulose hemicellulose and lignin

We can obtain them from fruit seed fruit fiber and fruit gums

According to Cowgill Anderson: we should take 100 mg fiber for per kg body weight thus 50 kg man needs 5gm fiber. Generally, 6-10 gm fiber is suggested for a man.


Function :

Dietary fiber can control blood cholesterol so they can help to reduce the heart problems. Fiber can also have to reduce blood sugar so they are helpful in diabetes. They help to movement of food in guts so that food can be digested soon and easily. They can absorb 15 times of water so they have to cure or prevent constipation they are indigestible but they increase the food volume so they help to weight lose. They reduce the risk of kidney stones and have to cure tooth decay.

Sources :

Green leafy veggies, fruits, whole grains. Fiber is not found in refine cereals fenugreek seeds (methy) is a good source of fibers.


Low fiber diet can be caused by constipation. Colon cancer can be also obtained due to less use of fiber more deficiency of fiber can be caused heart problem and diabetes.

Patient of peptic ulcer and amibious or diarrhea should not take fiber-rich diet.